Biofy Tribe Terms & Conditions
  •  Affiliates may not run paid traffic to our site and may not advertise coupon codes on coupon discount websites.
  •  Affiliates may not use our brand names (Biofy) in URLs, social media page names / handles / profiles, set up accounts which appear to be an official Biofy account, or in any way pretend to be a representative from Biofy.
  •  Affiliates will always represent the brand with integrity, respect, and honesty.
  •  You shall not advertise or promote advertisements that are misleading and/or that claim inflated discounts, or are otherwise in violation of any applicable law. You may only advertise or promote advertisements that state the actual discount, if any, that a visitor may derive by clicking on a Link.
  •  You shall not use discounts or promotional codes, without the prior written consent of Biofy.
  •  Affiliates will use their own spheres of influence (website, blog, social media platforms) to help share Biofy, and may not place their own links/coupon codes on any of our posts/ads/pages.
  •  You shall not bid on any keyword, term or word inPay-Per-Click Search Engines (PPCSE's) that contains any trademark, whetheror not registered, of Biofy or any keyword, term or word that is avariation of any such trademark or any other keyword, term or word that is likely to cause confusion regarding your affiliation with Biofy.
  •  Affiliates will support one another by sharing ideas and encouraging each other.
  •  Affiliates will be paid through Paypal weekly on all accounts with $100+ in commission (Commissions are not provided for shipping costs, or tax).
  •  For any returns that take place on sales that were attributed to your commissions, you will see a negative balance shown in your account once that return has processed. 
  •  The cookie window is 7 days. Please be cognizant of this when promoting. Your coupon code will ensure that they receive a discount and that you receive commission.
  •  Unless you personally know and have previously communicated with people who have purchased through you, using contact information for clients found in your refersion conversion triggers for any type of communication is strictly forbidden. 
  •  Biofy reserves the right to remove coupon codes that are found to be violating these terms, and reserves the right to remove affiliates from the program, without notice, if they are not representing the Biofy brand in a professional, ethical, & respectful way.
  •  You shall not issue any press release that discusses or references Biofy, except with the prior written consent of Biofy.
  •  We reserve the right to update terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are operating within them.
  •  You acknowledge that Biofy may monitor your website and your other communications for the purpose of determining your compliance with this agreement.
Affiliate is granted a limited, revocable, and temporary license to the branding and name of Biofy for the sole purpose of promoting Biofy and Biofy sales. Affiliate is not permitted to use any such branding or the name to hold itself as an agent, employee, partner or otherwise create the appearance of an official Biofy representative through their promotional platform.

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